ake use of Facebook the Right Way.

As you may probably know, or most probably experienced, the Facebook algorithm changed and pages don’t get the organic reach it once used to enjoy.

Look at Marriott Hotels Facebook page. With over 2 million page likes, it only gets minimal engagement from its audience. 

Facebook favors content from friends and family more than from pages.

So how can you increase engagement and brand awareness through Facebook?

Conduct contests. You can choose to push it up to users' news feed by paying ads for it. 
All you need is a little bit of engagement and your posts will blow up because contests much like polls require user engagement whether by sharing, commenting or liking. 
After you have gathered enough engagement within the specified time the contests would take, inform people the winners would be announced on a live video. 
This would compel users to interact more with your brand by following your page, checking your website and attending the live video.

Gone are the days when we only had to insert a blog link alongside an image in a post and get engagement from followers. Publish posts which prompt engagement from users whether by commenting, sharing or liking.

Increase Your Fan Base Through Twitter

80% of users have mentioned a brand in a tweet that means more businesses are creating conversations around their brand. As people interact with your brand whether through mentions, retweets or likes, your brand exposure increases. A perfect example of a brand hacking their Twitter growth strategy is Amazon Prime Video Sport. 

They engage with any sports-related content, mostly football content. One thing to notice, they interact with a casual tone normal people use even though they are a brand. 


Late last year one Twitter thread caught my eye and how I wish I was an admin to jump on the thread. Here it is.

It gave an opportunity for brands to say what they do or their product in a witty way. As you can see, all the replies from other brands got user engagement whether through retweets, likes or/and replies. 
This exposure gave brands an opportunity to increase their brand awareness.

So how can you increase brand awareness through Twitter?

   1. Participate in conversations around your industry. You can use social listening tools like mention to find such conversations. 

  2. Interact with a casual tone, not the boring business tone.

  3. With Twitter ad engagement up by 23%, users are increasingly engaging with ads. And there is also a 12% fall in cost per engagement this makes advertising on twitter cost-effective. Basically what I’m trying to say is, invest in twitter ads, it doesn’t cost a fortune as compared to the returns you’ll get.

   4. Use one to two hashtags in your tweets. Tweets with hashtags get 100% engagement.

   5. Use creative images and videos alongside your tweets.

Twitter can be a cost-effective way of increasing your brand awareness by simply interacting with others and communicating in a natural tone. Twitter ads are among the cheapest paid ads which you can leverage to increase your fan base.

Instagram Marketing

It’s not just fashion trends and foodies on Instagram these days. And while Twitter and Facebook are great for posting updates and interacting with your audience, Instagram is great for engaging your audience with captivating visuals.
While you might think Instagram is just a matter of posting images and videos, well, there is more to it than that.

First, let’s look at how the Instagram algorithm works then get into some tips on how you can increase brand awareness. 

   1. You publish a new post and it’s shown to a small percentage of your total audience

   2. It looks at how often and fast that small percentage of your audience engages ( looks at likes, shares, saves and comments)

   3. It then compares the engagement of the post to the previous posts.

   4. If it gets more engagement that is through likes, shares, comments and shares from the smaller audience, it’s shown to a larger audience. If the engagement is lower, it is shown to a smaller audience and pushed down on the homepage.

The higher it appears on people’s home feeds, the more it is shown on the explore page.

One thing to note from how the algorithm works is that it favors content that compels people to interact with it then promotes the post to the explore page where it’s seen by million of users.  This brings us to the question, how can you use Instagram in reaching a wider audience and increase brand awareness? 

 1. As most social media platforms confirm, videos have more engagement as compared to other forms of content, so incorporate videos in your Instagram strategy.

  2. Employ suspense in your videos to compel people to watch until the end.

  3. Implement storytelling in your posts. This can be through writing immersive captions and posting videos with a story behind it.

  4. Use stories to post more raw content whether an Instagram takeover, behind the scenes or the day to day activities. 

  5. Use live video to host an authority in your Industry. Choose an interesting topic that triggers questions from people.

It’s always about the users. Publish content that they’ll engage with and share out wide. This comes down to discerning who your target audience is then it would be easier to create content you know they’ll love.

LinkedIn Publishing

LinkedIn is mostly used by B2B companies as it is a social network for professionals. 

Aside from increasing your exposure with LinkedIn, you increase credibility as a business and attract new customers. According to LinkedIn, 90% of B2B blogs and websites get their social traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With LinkedIn driving half of this traffic. This shows how vital publishing on LinkedIn is when increasing exposure for your business.  Let’s look at how best you can increase brand awareness through LinkedIn publishing.

   1. Publish industry insights as they get most shares and comments.

   2. Lists and how to posts perform the best.

   3. Don’t write headlines with a question. For some reason they get fewer post views.

   4. Make your LinkedIn post visual. Add at least one image alongside your post.

   5. Publish longer posts between 1200-2000 words. As much as you try to write longer articles, write quality posts that users will gladly comment on and share.

Conduct audience and post analysis to see which kind of posts people respond to the most and publish more of the content. This would help you in coming up with content that solicits shares and reach a wider audience plus drive traffic to your website.

Harness social media ads to boost your brand awareness

Though running social media ads requires a bit of investment, it can boost your social campaigns to reach a much wider audience and increase your brand awareness. It goes without saying that with the social algorithm updates, getting organic engagement is much harder these days. 

Social platforms like Facebook gives businesses an enormous amount of data about their users to work with. You can use that crucial data such as user’s interest to tailor your content and overall campaigns. Facebook ads manager provides you with almost all the campaign options to choose from depending on your marketing objective. Since we want to increase brand awareness, we will choose the brand awareness objective. 

Under awareness objective, you see two options. Why choose brand awareness instead of reach?

Brand awareness objective is a good option if you want more people to know about your brand. Thereafter, you can drive more traffic to your website. 

Reach campaign is used when you want to reach the maximum number of people over a short period of time. More preferred when running remarketing campaigns or promoting limited-time offers. 

Facebook is the most detailed and comprehensive social platform when it comes to social ads. You can target ads to people depending on their language, age, behavior, interest, demographic and location. You can target audiences similar to customers who actually bought your solution, showed interest in your products or showed interest in your competitors. 

Here is an example of the options you have when targeting based on interest. 

Since Instagram is part of the Facebook family of apps, you can run Instagram ad campaigns through the Facebook ads manager. 

Twitter ads are also effective when building brand awareness. Having a knack for creative wordplay and knowing how your target audience interacts, you can cause social chatters around your brand.


What works and doesn't work for a brand differs significantly between social channels, solution types, audiences and post characteristics. There is no one-size-fits all, but once you choose your channels and take a deep dive in learning and testing what works for your brand - you’ll be able to leverage your social presence to build a stronger brand awareness and solid positioning among your target audience and markets. 

June 18, 2020
Marketing Trends