Get all the professional materials you need to give your business a head start and take it to the next level.

Investor Deck

Get investor decks that are tried and tested to grab an investor’s attention and that provide you with an easy and intuitive roadmap to reveal your business opportunity.

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business PLAN

Give your business the plan it really needs. Drive provides you with a structured and strategic approach to building a plan designed for today’s business landscape.

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Stay ahead of the curve, understand your audience, and grab there attention with a tailored professional marketing plan.


In today’s hyper-saturated landscape for your customers’ attention, it’s very easy to get lost and deplete your marketing budget before you know it. Drive provides you with a structured and comprehensive approach to tailoring a marketing plan for your sustained growth.

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Stay ahead of the curve by always knowing what your competition is up to. Our platform performs deep web searches on all of your competition and presents real-time findings so you can make well-informed business and marketing decisions.

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Drive helps you define your target audience and understand what makes them tick. This is essential in helping your business refine your offering, messaging and providing you with insights on where to target them best.

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