Marketing Plan
How to Write a Business Plan: Everything That You Need To Know to Get You Started
Business plans are NOT to be prepared once and stored away. These are living, breathing, dynamic plans, which need to be revisited frequently, updated and adjusted, to suit your business at every stage, your budget, your fluctuating market, and interests of your target audiences.
Essential Marketing Tips Every Startup Founder Needs to Know.
From coming up with a great idea, researching your product-market fit, building a team, creating a prototype, and securing funding - you’re finally on your way to launching a product or service that you envision as the next big thing in your industry. 
Marketing Trends
How to Increase Brand Awareness through Content Marketing Today
Creating content is a time-consuming task. That’s why it’s important to know which form of content resonates and drives your target audience to your website or landing page. 
6 Must-Have Essentials For Startup Marketing
Marketing is a primary ingredient of businesses. Without it, an enterprise won't survive its day-to-day challenges in sales, competition,advertising strategies, business plans and so on. In other words, marketing is every business's backbone